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Till 4.24.2014
"As the Indian slipped past one of the horses, he abruptly stopped and for an instant his attention was distracted. He heard a small sound and spun around. Directly in front of him loomed a dark figure and for the tiniest instant he looked into a pair of eyes—and in those eyes he saw hell. Then, the razor-sharp steel of Lopez’ knife sent him there.” 
They killed his friends, stole his ranch, and took from him the woman he loves. They branded him an outlaw, accusing him of the very crimes they committed. But they’re about to learn that taking everything away from him has turned this Civil War veteran into the most dangerous kind of man there is: The kind that has nothing left to lose. Jeff Havens has a fast gun and a long memory—and he’s back. 
RETURN OF THE OUTLAW has sold thousands of copies worldwide, making it a #1 Bestseller, and readers have compared Curtis to the great western authors of old like Louis L’Amour, Zane Grey, Ernest Haycox, and Luke Short.
Return of the Outlaw - Amazon USA

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